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Pay Monthly With Affirm 0% APR | Authorized Dealer | UNBEATABLE Prices
Pay Monthly With Affirm 0% APR | Authorized Dealer | UNBEATABLE Prices

Tzora FAQ's

Should I Buy A Mobility Scooter?

As the name suggests, if you would like to upgrade your mobility, enhance your independence or expand your everyday life’s options and opportunities, Either due to Seniority or disability you should positively consider buying your own personal Mobility Scooter to achieve more mobility

3 Or 4 Wheels?

Because we made our 3 wheel mobility scooters with 2 extra small wheels for support (compact models), we managed to dim the differences. Three wheel mobility scooter are considered more maneuverable and 4 wheels considered to have more stability.

Does The Product Come Assembled Or In Parts?

;All our Mobility scooters are easy to use. Most models only need only Unfolding, some unfolding and very simple (No prior practice needed) attaching – and are you ready to go!

Can I Have A Test Drive?

Unfortunately at this stage no. we got you covered though: 30 days cancellation period and 3 years warranty to back it.

What Is The Maximum Velocity Of The Scooter?

For the compact models the max speed is 3.7 mph. For the large models the max speed is 6.8 mph.

Do I Need A Driving License In Order To Drive It?

No you do not need a driving license.

How Should I Maintain My Mobility Scooter In Excellent Condition?

We have extended sections in the manual just for this, you should handle it as any electric vehicle.

Where Can I Drive With My Scooter?

All of our models are designed for indoor (shopping mall) or outdoor (street or road). The compact models focused on lightness, compatibility and easy to use and the Titan models for more power and maneuverability.

Can I Take My Scooter On Flights?

All our compact models are flight approved.

How Far Can I Drive With A Full Battery?

For the compact models With a Lithium battery up to 9 miles, with Lead Acid up to 8 miles. For the large models With a Lithium battery up to 15.5 miles, with Lead Acid up to 8 miles.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Battery?

It takes 6-8 hours to charge the battery, though we do suggest charging it overnight.

Does The Mobility Scooter Come With A Battery?

Yes it does, it comes free of extra charge with a new lead acid battery.

When Should I Expect To Have My New Scooter?

We do our best so you could get it as soon as possible. Our nationwide storage houses allows us to set the order in motion within the first day (disclose weekends). From there allow 5-7 days for the mobility scooters to arrive.

Do You Have Different Colors?

Yes we do! The compact models come withier in red blue, black, pink or grey and our titan models come in blue or red or grey.

Is Buying From The Site Safe?

Yes it is, as safe as it gets. We use highly secure internet protocols to ensure that it will always stay that way.

How Can I Trust You?

We completely understand your need for trust. Tzora mobility scooters have been designing, manufacturing and selling, worldwide for three decades. Our reputation has over hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, BUT, we also give a 3 years warranty so you don’t need to be bothered about it.

How Long Is The Warranty And What Does It Include?

3 full years from purchase. Apply to parts that are mandatory for operating the scooter. 6 month limited warranty on batteries