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Pay Monthly With Affirm 0% APR | Authorized Dealer | UNBEATABLE Prices

SmartScoot FAQ's

How do I know if the SmartScoot™ is the right travel mobility scooter for me?

A travel mobility scooter is an excellent tool for getting around, especially for people who have difficulty walking extended distances. However, driving a mobility scooter requires a combination of healthy traits and abilities: good vision, strength, coordination, balance and concentration.

A mobility scooter is not a toy. It is an electrically powered motor vehicle, and failure to follow safe operating procedures and safety warnings at all times could result in serious personal injury or death. 

Can I carry passengers on my SmartScoot™ travel mobility scooter?

No, the SmartScoot™ is designed for just the driver.

Can I ride my SmartScoot™ outside?

Yes, the SmartScoot™ is designed to ride inside and outside on paved surfaces in accordance with the SmartScoot™ Users Instruction Manual and its Safety Instructions.

Can I take my SmartScoot™ travel mobiltiy scooter on an airplane?

Any battery that contains less than 25 grams of equivalent lithium content (ELC) and is under 300 watts is currently allowed for airline travel. The SmartScoot™ battery has an ELC of 24 grams and is 288 watts. It is advisable to check with your airline before you travel.

Do I need a license for my SmartScoot™?

No license is required to operate a scooter in the United States. Always check and obey all local laws regarding electric mobility scooters.

How does the SmartScoot™ perform on grass, snow or mud?

Do not use the SmartScoot™ in such conditions.

How does the SmartScoot™ perform on inclines?

SmartScoot™ will handle all handicap ramps and inclines of 6˚ or less. It is recommended that the rider leans forward when riding up inclines.

How far can I go on one full charge of the battery?

On average you can travel approximately 12 miles on a single charge, however, this will vary based on the type of terrain you’re on, your weight, the temperature, and other conditions. It is recommended that you recharge your battery once the battery indicator reaches 2 bars and no sooner, to preserve its longevity.

How long does it take to charge my battery?

It takes approximately 1 hour for a complete charge. The initial charge may take longer (up to 5 hours).

How long will my battery last?

The battery should last years. It will need to be charged when the battery level falls to or below 50% as indicated on the control panel. Depending on usage this might occur as much as once a week (or more) however keep in mind that unnecessary recharging will reduce the life of the battery.

Is the SmartScoot™ covered by insurance?

At this time, most major health insurance companies’ coverage does not extend to the purchase of the SmartScoot™. In general, if you cannot walk at all, insurance companies will pay for an electric wheelchair but not for a mobility scooter.

Is there any maintenance required with the SmartScoot™ travel mobility scooter?

The only user maintenance is to charge the battery and keep the machine clean with a damp, soft cloth. In addition, the steering locking system and front wheel assembly may loosen with use. Check frequently and tighten.

What if I have problems with my SmartScoot™?

SmartScoot™ is covered by a comprehensive warranty, 2 years on the frame and 1 year on all of the components.

What is the maximum weight of a rider that the SmartScoot™ can handle?

Up to 300 lbs.

Where can one ride the SmartScoot™ travel mobility scooter?

>All travel mobility scooters with more than two wheels are permitted wherever walking is the only alternative. This includes public buildings such as airports, museums, trade shows, shopping malls, department stores as well as outdoor facilities like theme parks, county fairs, walkways, etc.

Does the SmartScoot™ have a height restriction?

The SmartScoot™ travel mobility scooter is able to accommodate a wide range of heights due to the adjustability of the seat and handlebar. So, if you are 4’11” or 6’6″, the SmartScoot™ could work for you.

Where is the SmartScoot™ travel mobility scooter made?

The SmartScoot™ travel mobility scooter and its accessories are manufactured in China.

Do I have to be home to receive delivery of my SmartScoot™?

Your SmartScoot™ travel mobility scooter will require a signature upon receipt due to the value of the shipment. Tracking information will be emailed to you on the day the SmartScoot™ ships so you will know which day it will arrive.

Can the controls be moved to the left hand side of the handlebar?

Yes! Please contact us at 855-256-2579 or for details. The brake and the control panel will look basically the same. The throttle will appear upside down.