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Quietkat FAQs


How long does it take to charge a battery for a quietkat electric mountain bike if it’s completely dead?

QuietKat's premium batteries range in size and charge time. On a standard charger or solar charger the range is approximately 6-8 hours. The pathfinder rapid charger cuts this time in half with a 3-6 hour charge time.

Does the battery charger plug into a standard 110v outlet?

Yes, our electric bikes and batteries charge off of a standard 110v outlet, solar chargers, and even your vehicle with our mobile charger!

If I purchase a quietkat electric bike, is a battery charger included in the purchase price?

Yes, all QuietKat electric bikes come with a standard 110v home charger. You can also upgrade to our rapid charger, solar charger, and mobile charger options.

How many batteries does a quietkat electric mountain bike come with?

Every QuietKat eBike includes one premium battery. Additional batteries can be purchased separately to increase range. We also have upgraded battery options for extended performance.

How many miles can I travel on one battery?

Mileage depends on a number of factors including battery size, rider weight, added gear, temperature, and terrain.

On average, QuietKat eBikes have a max range in eco pedal-assist mode of 30-60 miles.

*Range is calculated at 2 miles per amp-hour unassisted, 4 miles per amp-hour assisted.

What type of battery is in the quietkat?

QuietKat eBikes are made from using premium components, which is why we have partnered with Panasonic to provide the ultimate in battery performance and longevity!

How many years will my quietkat battery last?

QuietKat lithium batteries are certified as a 1,000 cycle battery. This means you can expect the battery to last for 20,000 – 25,000 miles based on 20-25 miles per charge. Example: If you ride 2,000 miles each year, you could expect the battery to last 10-12 years.

Do I have to run my battery to completely empty before i charge it again?

No, but fully discharging the battery prior to charging does help with longevity and performance. Please read and fully understand the battery charging manual.

Do the batteries require any ongoing maintenance?

No. Unlike many lead acid batteries, our premium lithium batteries are sealed, requiring zero maintenance.

If I don’t use my quietkat electric bike for 5 months, do the batteries need to be stored a certain way?

Prior to storing your electric bike battery for an extended period of time, it should be fully charged and then discharged to 40% – 60% capacity. Refer to the lithium battery manual for further information. Do not store your battery in freezing temperatures for an extended period of time.

How do I properly charge my battery on a regular basis?

Simply plug the 110v or similar charger into the bike, or remove the battery and charge separately at home or at the campsite. Once the red light on the charger turns to green, you are at a 100% charge.


Can I climb hills with a quietkat?

QuietKat electric mountain bikes can climb incredibly steep hills and mountain trails. QuietKat eBikes are designed and thoroughly tested on the most rugged terrain and trails that the Colorado's Rocky Mountain's has to offer.

Will my quietkat ever rust?

Not unless exposed to extreme conditons and not properly maintaining the eBike. QuietKat utilizes stainless hardware and aluminum tubular framing to build the most robust eBikes on the planet.

How does a quietkat perform in mud, snow, and sand?

QuietKat electric bikes are built with oversized all-terrain tires which are capable of maintaining traction in steep terrain, shallow mud, sand and snow. The tires can be deflated down to as low as 8lbs for added traction in these conditions.

Can the quietkat go through water?

Yes, but do not submerge the motor or any electronic components, including the battery compartment.

Is the suspension adjustable for varying terrain?

Our electric bikes are equipped with premium suspension components and feature adjustable settings on the front suspension forks and rear shocks on full-suspension models.

Are the wheel bearings sealed?

Yes. They require zero greasing or regular maintenance. E-Bikes feature standard mountain bike hubs which require basic bicycle maintenance.

Will a quietkat fit into the back of my suv?

Our electric bikes will fit into any standard size SUV. You will have to fold down the handlebars and lower the seat to its lowest position. The overall smallest dimensions by lowering the seat and folding the handlebars are: 65”L x 32”W x 32”H. We suggest using the QuietKat 1UP hitch mounted bike carrier for easy loading and unloading.

Can I switch out my seat to a different style?

Yes. The design of a QuietKat utilizes similar components to any standard mountain bike. 

Can I buy extra batteries?

Yes, you can purchase additional batteries, solar chargers, and rapid chargers to extend your adventure.

Can I ride a quietkat on bike trails and access roads?

Always check local laws and regulations in regards to motorized vehicle use on public trails and roads. Dependent on the motor size and throttle, QuietKat eBikes fall under class 1, 2, and 3 regulations. It requires no VIN tag or license to operate so it is not held to the same rules and regulations as an ATV or side x side.

Can I use my quietkat to pull a deer out of the woods when hunting?

Yes, but we recommend using a QuietKat trailer or game cart instead of dragging.

Are the speed and power of your electric mountain bikes adjustable?

Yes. With a simple programming change on the digital screen on the handlebars, the speed and power can be increased or decreased based on rider preference. Refer to the QuietKat Assembly YouTube page for a short video tutorial on how to adjust settings.


How do I assemble my quietkat electric mountain bike?

For detailed instructions on how to assemble your QuietKat electric mountain bike, watch our video series on getting started and read the assembly instructions in your owner’s manual. QuietKat recommends that the bike be assembled, inspected and adjusted by a certified bicycle mechanic before riding for the best experience.