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Qualisports Electric Bike Review

Qualisports Electric Bike Review

Qualisports makes extremely lightweight and affordable electric bikes that don’t lack in quality. They have some of the lightest and most portable electric bikes on the market, with some of their models weighing as little as 30lbs. That weight can be dropped even more for transport by simply removing the seat post battery and breaking the bike into two parts. If you’re looking for a premium quality electric bike that is a breeze to transport and ride, search no further than Qualisports.

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What Sets Qualisports Apart?

Weight and Portability

Qualisports seems to consistently hold the title for the lightest and most portable electric bike in its price range of around $1000. They’ve gone ahead and implemented a creative method of making the bikes battery modular, easily removable and discrete as well. The lithium ion battery is embedded in the bike’s seat post and blends into the form of the machine. Removing the battery is as simple as pulling the seat out of its stand. This allows for the bike to be broken down into two pieces that are much lighter than the combined whole for easier transport and carrying. Most other e-bikes in this price range have their batteries attached to the frame of the bike, making them more noticeable and slightly more difficult to remove for charging or transport. 

Qualisports Portable Electric Bikes

The Qualisports components and frame are another area where their bikes shine. All of their electric bikes are manufactured out of Aluminum alloys, as well as most of their components such as the rims. This dramatically reduces the weight of the bike compared to a steel framed bike. It also makes the bike more resilient to rust and corrosion, overall enabling the bike to last much longer over time.

Reliability and Ease of Use

Due to the high quality of Aluminum alloy components used throughout the bike, it’s no surprise that Qualisports models age very well over time. They are extremely simple in design and all of their components integrate perfectly together, allowing for longer longevity. From the large electronic display that shows the rider everything they’d need to know while riding to the front and rear disk brakes on every Qualisports model, quality is upheld throughout each of their bikes.

Another one of their features that stands out is their folding ability. Each Qualisports electric bike has the ability to fold up into a fraction of its original size, making it a breeze to transport after a great day of riding. A durable joint in the middle of the frame can be undone, which when coupled with the folding handlebars allows the bike to fold into a fraction of its original size. Once folded, the bike can be placed in a car’s trunk or closet with ease.

Who Should Buy a Qualisports Electric Bike?

Those Looking For a Very Portable E-Bike That is Simple To Use

Between the folding ability of the main frame of all Qualisports bikes, the removable and adjustable seat with integrated battery and quality components, any Qualisports e-bike you choose will be as portable as an e-bike can come. Setup of the bike is very simple, and all that needs to be done to ride one with electric assist is to set the desired assistance level on the display controller and then pedal the bike.

Seniors or Individuals Looking For a Very Light Bike to Transport

The Qualisports Volador is an example of one of the lightest and most portable electric bikes on the market today. Coming in at 36lbs, this bike is able to be transported by nearly everyone. The Volador is a great option for seniors, or smaller individuals who are looking for a lightweight bike they can transport and move around themselves. It’s our top recommendation due to its weight, coupled with its high quality build. Another one of their bikes that shines in the weight category is the Nemo, coming in at 30 lbs. Featuring a slightly smaller electric motor than the Volador, 250W instead of 350W, the compromise is rewarded by an even more lightweight frame that will still get you where you need to go with ease.
Qualisports Volador Electric Bike

Qualisports Volador Found Here


Qualisports Nemo Electric Bike
Qualisports Nemo Found Here


There’s a Qualisport’s electric bike for every type of rider. From extremely light weight models to slightly larger, wide tire versions with a little more power output, you’re sure to find a model that fits your riding style, taste and size. Their bikes come in a wide assortment of colors to choose from and at a price point that doesn’t break the bank for the quality of bike you’ll be receiving. Here at Olympic Breeze, we work closely with Qualisports and are here to help you answer any questions you may have in regards to their bikes or any comparable bikes so you can find your next electric bike with ease.

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Our Entire Qualisports Electric Bike Collection Can Be Found Here

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