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Pay Monthly With Affirm 0% APR | Authorized Dealer | UNBEATABLE Prices

Pfautec FAQs

I would like to buy the model x with electric motor, but it is only offered on the model xy. Can I get the motor installed in the model I want?

If this is a model in which a front wheel motor is to be used, then this is of course possible. The version we use is suitable for front wheels from 16 to 28 inches. For this, a surcharge to the standard model  calculated. The best thing to do is to ask our team for personal advice.

I can't ride a tricycle and have a lot of trouble steering or going straight. I have the impression that the vehicle always pulls to a certain side and does not do what I want

This feeling is not uncommon, nor is it rare. You share this problem with most people who otherwise ride or have ridden a bicycle in the past – regardless of age or handicap. "Blame" it on your sense of balance, which has been trained to keep your balance while riding a bike. This ability, which is so necessary for riding a bicycle, is not required for riding a tricycle or often proves to be a hindrance. Similar to driving a car, weight shifting is not required when cornering. You don't have to lean into the curve if you want to go around the corner. Instead, you simply steer in the direction you want to go – which is exactly how it is with the tricycle. You don't think you can do it? Try to remember how you already rode a tricycle as a small child. Toddlers can usually ride a tricycle without any problems before learning to ride a bike. For them, the tricycle takes over the balance, they don't know it any other way, have no reservations about it and can therefore move around safely.

How do you differentiate yourself from cheaper providers?

We have a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and the production of the special vehicles is carried out strictly according to legal requirements. Extensive product tests by independent bodies and an in-house roller test stand also ensure safety. In addition, we place great emphasis on sustainability and our in-house quality standards, including

In-house production, assembly and distribution

More than 20 years of experience in the production of special bicycle and tricycles

"Made in Germany" – no foreign imports

Extremely robust models, some even up to 160 kg

A diverse product range

Competent specialist trade partners (Europe-wide)

An innovative company with a long tradition, where inclusion is a priority

If I buy a vehicle from you, can I get money back from my health insurance retrospectively?

Clear answer: Unfortunately not. Don't be fooled by advertising slogans and claims made by other vendors. Health insurance companies can only cover the costs in exceptional cases or if certain conditions are met. This includes, for example, proof of medical necessity, age under 16, etc. So before you buy, be sure to talk to your health insurance company first and clarify any cost coverage. You will also find out all the necessary information about the requirements and the exact procedures for submitting an application.

If I buy a model without a motor system, can I have an electric motor retrofitted later?

Retrofitting to an existing model is possible if the installation variant is a front wheel motor. For this, the front wheel size must be between 16 and 28 inches. Please ask your dealer for the respective amount of the surcharge.