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Pay Monthly With Affirm 0% APR | Authorized Dealer | UNBEATABLE Prices

Maxfind FAQ's

How old do I have to be to use a Maxfind board?

This electric skateboard is a high performance machine and should not used or operated in any way by children under the age of 13 years old unless under adult supervision.

How fast does it go?

The speed depends on the rider's weight, terrain and slope. On a good flat road/footpath the Max4 Pro series and Max2 Pro series can reach speeds of 24-26 miles per hour.

How do I control the board?

The board acceleration&brake is controlled by a bluetooth remote. And the turning is controlled by rider's weight.( the way you turn with a normal longboard skateboard)

How do I brake?

To reduce the speed, push the remote control backwards on the remote control. When used at medium to high speeds, the brakes are firm and very safe. Braking will be softer when driving at a slow speed and may not stop completely. It is designed to be as safe as possible.

How does speed mode work?

Our remote control has (Beginner & Eco & Fast & Max) speed mode. Safe and fast.

A lot of time has been spent to perfect each of these modes to make it exactly match the selected mode and provide smooth and consistent trigger control. Although it involves a lot, the most obvious effect of each mode is torque. In terms of percentages, these general guidelines are as follows:

Mode 1 will provide about 10% of the available power, and the maximum speed is limited-great for continuing learning.

Mode 2 will provide about 20% of the available power, and the highest speed increase-very suitable for advanced learning.

Mode 3 mode can provide about 80% of the available power and the speed is higher, but it is ideal for cruising and achieving the maximum range.

Mode 4 mode provides 100% of available power and the entire speed range.

WARNING: Mode 3 and Mode 4 mode offer performance capabilities not suitable for beginners AND can allow the rider to get in situations that may increase risk in operation. Riders must understand the power this board can offer must be respected for safe use. We recommend full protective gear at all times when riding an Maxfind Skateboard.

Can I use the Maxfind Remote with a non-Maxfind board?

To offer Maxfind level performance, we redesigned the skateboard from the ground up. The result is an all new design, with functionality not compatible with components outside the Maxfind Series design.

How Fast can I go on the Maxfind board?

A lot of factors ultimately control speed, such as weather conditions, surface conditions,battery charge level, riding style, rider's weight and significantly board setup. The Maxfind series is available with a range of wheel options, as well as additional gearing options. A smaller wheel or bigger gear will offer more torque, whereas a bigger wheel or smaller gear will increase top speed.

How can I get the best range from my skateboard?

Mode 2 has been designed specifically for this purpose, and all our advertised ranges and testing has been conducted in this mode. Averaging 16 mph with gentle trigger control and not exceeding speed much is the key. Our tests were carried out in mostly flat conditions, with an 160 lb rider, and weight will affect this range somewhat with reference to this. Ensuring proper charging and board maintenance will also give the best opportunity for a long ride!

Is the Maxfind board waterproof?

In testing, the board held up quite well to instances of water (gutter run-off, sprinkler plash). However due to the greater issue that comes with wet conditions – slippery surfaces – we have decided not to state waterproofing a priority feature in our design. A greater priority to Maxfind is safe use of our boards. With the power available from the Maxfind, combined with slippery conditions, our testing showed high potential for involuntary safety risks using electric skateboards in wet conditions. For this reason, we strongly advise against use in wet environments.

Please note, damage to the components as a result of moisture exposure is not considered a manufacturer defect, and is not covered under warranty

What wheels can I use on the Maxfind board?

Our current favorite is our own Maxfind Street wheels. We took the best bits of our favorite wheels and mashed them together for a wheel perfect for our electric skateboard! We have drive gears for the Orangatang Kegel wheels, and gears that work with the M4 & M5 & M6 wheel hubs. These wheels come in quite a few variations so there are sure to be a set perfect for you!

Can I ride the board up hills?

Yes. The boards inclines of up to 30% gradient, in other words INSANELY STEEP for the Maxfind FF Plus series boards. Riding on hills can be very dangerous, what goes up must come down! So if you ride up an insanely steep hill and you intend to ride down this same hill, this is extremely dangerous and you must know how to control your speed without the use of the electric brakes if ever there was a malfunction or there was a situation where the brakes fail.

How long will the battery last and how long does it take to recharge?

>Max4 Pro Series - up to 15 miles and 1 hr recharge time
Max2 Pro Series - Up to 15 miles and 1 hr recharge time
Max4 Series - Up to 12 mile range and 1 hour recharge time
MINI Series - Up to 8 miles range and 30 min recharge time

These specs are tested on fairly flat ground with a few small inclines. Battery life depends on factors such as weight of rider, terrain, inclines and also the way the rider uses the trigger.

Is there any warranty?

Yes there is a six month warranty. For more info please see our Store Policies page.

What is the maximum weight that can ride the board?

The limit we suggest is 220lbs. Over this weight and the board will loose some torque as well as range, and it will put strain on the electronic and mechanical components.

If I'm riding with a friend who also has an Maxfind board will our remotes interfere with each other?

Maxfind series boards will not cause controller interference.

Can I kick push home if I run out of batteries?

Yes, the board has little resistance which enables it to roll when the power is off.