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Jupiter Bike Review and Discount Code

Jupiter Bike

Jupiter Bikes is one of the leading manufacturers in quality, folding electric bikes that come at an affordable price point. With a wide variety in sizes, ranging from standard to small and portable, there’s sure to be an option in their lineup of e-bikes for every use case.

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A Background on Jupiter Bikes

Where it All Started From

Jupiter Bike is based out of Tampa, Florida and has a wonderful showroom for locals to come and visit. The company got off the ground by selling small and portable electric bikes, the first of which was the DLX folding e-bike. The DLX folding electric bike was, and still is, the smallest electric bike available on the market. To date, the company has continued to sell large quantities of Jupiter Bike Electric Bikes for good reason, they provide a quality product that is both portable and durable for everyday use. Since then, Jupiter Bike has opened up a wider variety of bike options for various riders. Let’s get into it.

The Jupiter Bike Electric Bike Lineup

The Jupiter Bike Discovery X5

The Jupiter Bike Discovery X5 is the most portable of the modern Jupiter Bike models. It’s the perfect size to give you a comfortable ride in the city or on the trail, folding down to an extremely portable form factor in under 10 seconds. In addition, the streamlined chassis and low center of gravity give you superior responsiveness and agility while riding. The bike comes with 3 levels of electric pedal assist, in addition to a handlebar twist throttle, which control the power delivered from its sturdy 350W hub motor. The e-bike also features a rear shock, bright LED display and a hidden battery that slides into the frame of the bike, keeping the design sleek and modern. With a range of up to 30 miles, the Discovery X5 is sure to get you where you need to go.

Jupiter Bike Review

Discovery X5 Found Here

The Jupiter Bike Discovery X7

The Jupiter Bike Discovery X7 is the slightly bigger brother to the X5, with 20” tires providing a slightly more comfortable ride, this bike is extremely portable as well, folding down in no time at all and weighing under 50 lbs, battery included. The range of specifications are near identical to the X5, with all of the same quality components and lightweight frame. If you don’t need the extreme portability the 16” tires of the X5 provide, then the X7 is the next best option when you factor in comfort level and ride quality over longer distances.

Jupiter Bike Review

Discovery X7 Found Here

The Jupiter Bike Defiant

The Jupiter Bike Defiant is a 48V 750W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike that is made for adventure. The power train provides a large amount of power that is able to propel you with ease over any terrain. The larger 4” wide fat tires specialize in allowing the bike to travel over sandy beaches, snowy paths and generally rougher terrain in addition to being an extremely smooth ride on regular city roads and sidewalks. With the larger motor this bike offers, you can reach up to 26mph with its electric assist, and boasts a range of up to 40 miles. This e-bike features a removable battery as well as a twist throttle and bright LED display for easily reading the current health of the electric system onboard the bike. 5 levels of pedal assist give you control of the amount of assistance the electric motor provides and a bright front LED headlight makes it easy to see what’s ahead. The Jupiter Bike Defiant is the perfect option for those looking for a reliable, portable and fun fat tire electric bike.

Jupiter Bike Review

Defiant Found Here

The Jupiter Bike Summit

The Jupiter Bike Summit Electric Mountain Bike is a great, full size option for riders who like to hit the trails. This model features a 48V 500W powertrain with a high torque motor. Reaching speeds of 25 mph and distances of up to 30 miles, this lightweight, 26” electric bike is built for the trails. The power is controlled through a twist throttle grip and/or pedal assist and the bike is foldable and portable as well, which is hard to find in modern mountain bikes. Front fork suspension keeps the ride smooth and silky offroad and a 21 speed Shimano offers riders the perfect gear for their hill climbs.

 Jupiter Bike Review

Summit Found Here


Jupiter Bike has a great selection of quality electric bikes and people have loved their products since they’ve been around. With various tire sizes and widths and each of their bikes being foldable and portable, you’re sure to find the bike that’s the right fit for you. They’ve struck a great balance between quality, affordability and specifications of their electric bikes and this can be seen in their popularity. Whether you choose the Discovery X5 or X7, Defiant or Summit, we’re confident you’ll enjoy your Jupiter Bike Electric Bike.

If you have any questions at all, we work directly with Jupiter Bike and are here to help answer any questions you may have. Happy riding.

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Jupiter Bike