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Green Bike FAQs

For your convenience, we have listed a number of frequently asked questions and the responses to them in a convenient, simple and easy to use manner. 

Do you repair bicycles?

Certainly. Green Bike Electric Motion Llc operates one of the most professional service laboratories in the industry. We provide solutions and full technical support for all kinds of bicycles,  scooters, tricycles, etc.

The laboratory carries out repairs, assemblies and special on demand installations with a team of technical experts.

I want to activate the warranty that I was given when I bought the bicycles. Who should I speak to?

Keep the invoice on which the frame number and the battery number are listed. If and when you will be required to make use of the warranty on the product you purchased, you will be required to produce the invoice with these two identifying numbers and you will be handled pursuant to the warranty detailed in the instruction manual. Likewise, in parallel, The warranty certificate which came with the bicycle is to be filled in.

Alternatively, you can contact us at to handle your issue through Green Bike.