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Pay Monthly With Affirm 0% APR | Authorized Dealer | UNBEATABLE Prices

Glion FAQ's

How do you recharge the scooters?

Our scooters can be charged conveniently using regular wall outlets via the included external charger and fully recharges in approximately 3.5 hours. The charger can take 110-240V, just like most popular consumer electronics.

What is the warranty on the scooters?

We provide a one-year limited warranty for New & Certified Refurbished products & 180 days for Used including the battery. Our goal is to create a product that can deliver 100% satisfaction from our customers and we will honor any concerns and issues that arise with our products.

How far can the SNAPnGO travel on a charge?

The SNAPnGO can travel approximately 15 miles (25 km) per charge, depending on use and load.

How much does the SNAPnGO weigh?

The SNAPnGO frame weighs in at a lean 31 lbs. The battery adds an additional 3lbs, and the seat adds additional weight based on the seat type:

Standard travel bicycle seat: 4 lbs,
Deluxe seat: 15 lbs
Deluxe seat w/o armrests 10 lbs.

What is the SNAPnGO's weight capacity?

The SNAPnGO supports a maximum rider weight of 300lbs.

Riders should be able to stand and walk independently and have good vision, strength, coordination and balance to safely operate the Glion SNAPnGO. They must be able to mount or dismount the SNAPnGO scooter without help, or risk of falling. The Glion SNAPnGO is not intended for medical purposes to provide mobility to someone restricted to a sitting position.It is not a medical device nor a wheelchair.

How fast does the SNAPnGO go?

The SNAPnGO’s speed is divided into 3 settings:

Speed setting 1: 3 mph,
Speed setting 2: 4.5 mph,
Speed setting 3: 6 mph

How long is the SNAPnGO's battery life?

The SNAPnGO battery uses Samsung lithium-ion battery cells. The battery can be charged more than 1000 times, so it should be good for three to five years under normal usage.

My SNAPnGO doesn't move when it's on

If your scooter will not move when on:

Make sure the parking brake is not engaged
Check that the bell has not moved over to depress the reverse thumb control

I charged my scooter, but the battery indicator still says it's low. Why?

The battery icon will not reset until the scooter has been ridden after a charge.

How can I check battery level?

How to check battery level:

LED pad with battery icon LCD
Volume reading on LCD