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Electric Bike or Electric Scooter, Which is Right For You?

Electric Bike or Electric Scooter, Which is Right For You?

The electric wave of new outdoor toys and products is taking the market by storm. No longer do individuals who want to ride something for fun outside need to be locked into using a gasoline combustion engine or pushing or pedaling themselves. It’s now possible to thoroughly enjoy the outdoors riding on fully electric bikes and scooters. This is great, but now there’s the option of an electric bike or scooter to choose from, which with the large assortment of options available can be confusing and difficult to maneuver through. Not to worry, we’re experts in electric bikes and electric scooters will present the pros and cons for each for you.

Should I Go With an Electric Bike?

What is Your Preferred Riding Style?

Do you enjoy long adventures on the road or trails that can last many hours to even days? Do you like having the ability to move around under your own power should your battery die, rendering the electric motor useless until charged again? Are you an avid bike rider who loves the styling and comfortable ride of bikes in general? To keep it short, if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, an electric bike may be preferable over an electric scooter for your riding style as they tend to accel much better in each of the above scenarios, making them a more versatile mode of transport overall. Let’s get into some of the pro’s and con’s of electric bikes.

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The Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are great. They’re built on the very old and tested bicycle platform, and simply have an electric motor and battery system which can allow the rider to travel further, faster and with more ease compared to only pedaling a traditional bike. Electric bikes come in a wide variety of options as well, and since the frames of bikes are larger than scooters, they can carry larger batteries which can result in more electrically powered range than a scooter. Electric bikes can also be outfitted with excellent suspension, which when coupled with larger bike tires and wheels results in a machine that can ride of nearly any terrain with ease and comfort. All of these highlights of electric bikes sound great, but there can be a few downsides also, such as the price. Electric bikes tend to be expensive. There are various affordable options available, linked below, but a rider can easily spend upwards of $3000 - $7000 on their ideal electric bike with full suspension and over 70 miles of range on battery power. We would put portability and size as a con for electric bikes as well, but that wouldn’t tell the whole story, as there are various foldable and smaller electric bikes at affordable prices linked below as well. The options seem to be limitless when choosing your preferred electric bike, which can be seen as a pro or a con. We tend to believe that the more options the better, as you’re more likely to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Electric Bike or Electric Scooter, Which is Right For You?

Should I Go With an Electric Scooter?

What is Your Preferred Riding Style?

Do you like the ability to stand up tall to maximize your view of the oncoming terrain and environment? Do you enjoy having an option to either sit on a seat or stand up on a platform when moving around on your electric mode of transport? Do you want the smallest possible platform that can easily get you around town or the park which can be folded up and carried to a safe place for storage? If you resonated with any of the above questions, an electric scooter may be the right choice for you. Electric scooters are very versatile and accommodating to different riding styles. You aren’t locked into the placement of the seat, although many electric scooters come with seats, and the power output of electric scooters can actually surpass electric bikes by quite a bit. If you just want to stand up, pull the throttle back and go fast without exerting any effort at all, then an electric scooter will be right up your alley.

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The Pros and Cons of Electric Scooters

As aforementioned, electric scooters can be very, very fast. Some of our models will push 40mph without any human energy needed other than steering, balancing and a simple throttle twist. Electric bikes simply don’t have that ability in the majority of cases unless you opt for more of an electric dirt bike or motorcycle. Electric scooters also can be much lighter and portable than electric bikes, but again, it depends on the exact models being compared, as variations can make either type of transport very comparable. Pricing is also a pro for the electric scooter option, as they are just a motor, battery and small frame. Using smaller wheels than bikes and removing the complexity of a crank, chain and gearing system, scooters end up being a fair amount cheaper than electric bikes in general. With all of those benefits though, there are still some cons. Electric scooters generally don’t have as much range as electric bikes due to their smaller frames to hold batteries, as well as the fact that they are constantly using power to move forward, contrary to electric bikes where the user can choose to pedal and provide human energy to moving forward. If you run out of juice with an electric scooter, you’re pretty much stuck where you are until you get it charged back up or pick it up and carry it to a wall outlet. With an electric bike you can simply keep on riding as if it were just a regular bicycle.

Electric Bike or Electric Scooter, Which is Right For You?

The Conclusion on Which Electric Transport is Right For You

We’ve discussed the various riding styles and preferences for riders and where an electric scooter or electric bike would be best for each scenario. We’ve also discussed the most common pros and cons with regards to each mode of transport. There is a lot up in the air that depends on the rider’s preferences and desires. Electric bikes are more common, as most people can ride a bike and enjoy the comfortable, stable and long range platform. Electric scooters are more commonly for those who want to move fast under 100% electric power and get a thrill from riding around. That being said, both platforms can work great for commuting, getting around town or simply enjoying during some nice weather. The final decision is up to you. Will you end up choosing an electric bike or electric scooter?

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