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Ecotric vs. Nakto Electric Bikes

Ecotric vs. Nakto Electric Bikes | Olympic Breeze

Since the dawn of the electric bike craze, Ecotric and Nakto have faced off head to head in the affordable electric bike market. Both manufacturers produce quality fat tire and regular tire, folding and non-folding and step through and regular frame e-bikes for around, and sometimes well under, $1000. They both seem to have something to offer any rider looking for a quality electric bike that won’t break the bank. There are some differences between the two brands though and in this article, we’re going to break down where each of them excels and how they differ.

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What Sets These Brands Apart?

Ecotric Electric Bikes

Ecotric produces some of the best selling fat tire bikes for under $1000 on the market today with their Fat Tire Beach Snow and Fat Tire Rocket leading the race for the 26” models. Both are 500 Watts fat tire bikes with study frames and enough power to move those larger tires and get you where you need to go over virtually any terrain. Both of those models come in at just under $1000 at the time of this article, making them some of the most affordable, quality electric bikes on the market today.

Ecotric also specializes in affordable city riding with their Vortex Electric City Bike. This model comes in around $700 and is the perfect budget commuter for around town. It’s sleek build and lightweight design make it a prime candidate for daily commutes and maximum efficiency.

The Leopard is perhaps our favorite Ecotric model to recommend to readers due to its high handlebars, making it very easy to ride over time, and its traditional mountain bike tires and front shocks which make riding a breeze and very comfortable. This model also features a 500W motor and comes in just under $1000.

Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike

Fat Tire Beach Snow Found Here

Ecotric Rocket Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike

Fat Tire Rocket Found Here

 Ecotric Vortex Electric City Bike

Vortex City Bike Found Here

Nakto Electric Bikes

Nakto took a slightly different approach to producing great electric bikes and chose to focus on the cruiser models, which have consistently been their best sellers. They have a city cruiser for nearly every rider size, height, desired frame design and power rating. For example, the Nakto City Cargo Pony is designed for smaller riders with it’s 20” tires and smaller frame size. Nakto also makes the Elegance, which features 22” tires, a small step up in size from the Pony. To top off their line of city cruisers, they make the City Camel, The Stroller and the Classic which are all 26” models that offer great functionality with baskets, cargo racks, fenders and other options to get the most out of your city cruiser. All of these bikes come in at less than $850 and can run even lower than that depending on the model selected.

Nakto does more than simply make city cruisers though, as they have a lineup of fat tire bikes as well, such as the Fat Tire Super Cruiser, Regular Cruiser and Discovery, all in 26” x 4” tire sizes. These bikes really shine in the sand, snow and off road terrains with their larger tire sizes and come in right at that $1000 price point mark as well, keeping them very affordable for the quality of bike you’re getting.

In addition the the aforementioned Nakto e-bikes, they also offer a wide variety of folding 20” and 22” models with both fat tire options and regular tire options which can be more suitable for those who don’t have much storage space for a bike or want to transport the bike in the trunk of their car.

Nakto City Cargo Camel Electric Bike
Nakto City Camel Found Here


Nakto Classic 26" Electric City Bike

Nakto Classic Cruiser Found Here
Nakto - Elegance City E-Bike 22" in White
Nakto Elegance Found Here
Nakto - Pony 20" City Cargo Electric Bike

Nakto Cargo Pony Found Here

Which Brand Do You Recommend? Ecotric or Nakto?

Fat Tire Bikes

Both Ecotric and Nakto both make great fat tire bikes that are relatively affordable, as far as electric bikes go. When asked to choose though, Ecotric holds a slight edge over Nakto with their beach snow bikes in particular. They are priced ever so slightly lower than Nakto’s and they offer more variation in handlebar height and color choices. As far as quality is concerned, we have yet to notice any substantial difference between the two brands with regards to fat tire e-bike build quality.
Ecotric Fat Tire Bike Collection

Ecotric Fat Tire Bikes Collection Found Here

Nakto Fat Tire Bike CollectionNakto Fat Tire Bikes Collection Found Here

City Cruiser Bikes

The race is close between Ecotric and Nakto for city cruiser bikes as well, but we have to give this one to Nakto due to the sheer quantity of options that seem to fit all rider sizes. They have a 20”, 22” and multiple 26” models of their step through cruisers available for well under $1000 which brings them to the market of those looking for a comfortable, smaller and functional e-bike to enjoy riding with. The Pony, Elegance, Camel and Classic are some examples of Nakto’s top tier city cruiser lineup, which is quite a bit larger than Ecotirc’s lineup of the Peacedove and Lark.

It is worth noting as well that Ecotric shines in the category of traditional city bikes with the Vortex, with it’s amazingly low price point, solid build quality and sleek and timeless street bike design.
Ecotric Peacedove Electric City Bike

Our Favorite Ecotric Cruiser Found Here

Nakto City Cargo Camel Electric BikeOur Favorite Nakto Cruiser Found Here


Both Ecotric and Nakto have a lot of great electric bikes to offer their riders, and there’s a lot to choose from. At the end of the day though, it simply depends on what you’re looking for as a rider. The best brand for you will depend on where you plan to use the bike, your personal size, how you’d like the bike to look and your desired seated riding position.

Feel free to use the links below to check out both Ecotric’s and Nakto’s electric bike collections or give us a call, text or message if you’d like even more information on their lineups of e-bikes.

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