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Crystal Kayak Review

Crystal Kayak Review

Crystal Kayaks is quickly becoming one of the most popular kayak brands in the U.S. with their flagship clear body kayak, which allows users to see straight through the kayak and into the underwater world below. Since 2015, Crystal Kayak has been based out of Deerfield Beach, Florida and has believed that life’s best moments happen on the water. Fueled by that belief, they created a clear kayak that lets you experience amazing marine life and beautiful clear water areas of the world, all without leaving the comfort of your Crystal Kayak.

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A Bit More About Crystal Kayak

The Quality of Their Clear Kayaks

Crystal Kayaks are built from some of the best materials available to ensure optimum durability and functionality over the life of the kayak. They are designed to be operated by a user of any skill level ranging from the newest kayaker to the most seasonal sportsman or woman. In addition to their flagship clear kayaks, Crystal Kayak has also made the world’s first transparent paddle board, which offers a similar perspective looking through the board and into the waters below.

All Crystal Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Board are packaged and shipped from their Florida based warehouse right here in the USA, ensuring that their quality control and shipping is top tier. We’ve heard nothing but great things from customers who’ve taken the plunge to get one of Crystal Kayak’s kayaks or paddle boards. Let’s get into the details of each.

Crystal Kayak Review

An More In Depth Overview of Their Kayak and Paddleboard

The Crystal Explorer Kayak

The Crystal Explorer Kayak is best known for its clear hull that allows for users to easily see directly below them and into the watery depths below. These kayak-canoe hybrids are corrosion resistant and built with durable materials to last in any type of water. This brand spent a lot of time engineering the kayak to be both lightweight and strong, allowing for ease of transport to and from the water you plan on enjoying. All of the internal components are removable, which allow for the kayaks to be stacked with ease and transported more efficiently. Featuring an advanced polymer hull and corrosion-resistant hardware, the Explorer Kayak boasts quality that lasts.

In addition to a wonderful kayak design, Crystal Kayaks also offers two options for the included paddles upon purchasing. You can either get the Basic or Deluxe package of paddles. The basic paddles feature 2-piece painted aluminium bodies and are considered a 'deluxe' paddle by most standards. On the other hand, their Deluxe paddles feature a fiberglass body and include high-performance features such as blade angle adjustment and grooves to channel water away from the user.

Crystal Kayak Review

Crystal Explorer Kayak Set of 1 Found Here
Crystal Explorer Kayak Set of 2 Found Here

How to Care for Your Crystal Kayak

It’s very simple to keep your Crystal Kayak looking like new with just a few small steps. Simply spray down your kayak after each use to remove debris like sand and salt crystals. Avoid dragging your kayak on the ground and try to store your kayak in a shaded area if possible. If scratches do end up occuring on the outside of the hull, don’t worry too much, as they fill with water when you use your kayak and aren’t noticeable once you’re on the water.

The Crystal Vision Board Paddleboard

The Crystal Vision Board Paddleboard is the world’s first fully transparent stand up paddle board (SUP). Made with a similar construction to the Crystal Explorer Kayak, the design results in a very sturdy and durable paddle board that allows you to look directly through and into the depths of the water below. This SUP comes with a Crystal Kayak branded paddle and is backed by their wonderful and industry leading 2 year warranty as well.

Crystal Kayak Review

Crystal Vision Board Paddleboard Set of 1 Found Here
Crystal Vision Board Paddleboard Set of 2 Found Here


If you love getting out there on the water and want to enjoy some of the best clear water locations the world has to offer, then a Crystal Kayak product would be a great fit for you. For the first time ever, humans can now sit or stand comfortably on a durable, yet transparent kayak or paddleboard of their choice and experience nature on the water like it’s never been done before. We’ve heard from countless customers and users that the experience is unlike anything else, as you’re fully immersed in the marine world, while keeping dry and safe. Whether you prefer kayaking or paddleboarding, Crystal Kayak has a product for you. Here at Olympic Breeze, we work closely with Crystal Kayak and are here to help should you have any questions at all.

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