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Best Electric Mobility Scooter For Seniors

Mobility scooters are some of the most helpful machines when it comes to getting back out there in the world when it's getting more difficult on your own. They can provide a comfortable level of assistance and come in a wide variety of designs, which specialize in different areas such as portability, durability, range and suspension. We’ll dive into some of our favorite electric mobility scooters that seniors have been loving from our website.

What Makes a Good Electric Mobility Scooter?

The Scooter Fits Your Needs

With many design options, sizes and price points out there for electric mobility scooters, it is much easier to choose one if you have an idea of what you’re looking for in a mobility scooter. Some of the most common specifications individuals single out are range, weight, portability, durability, and comfort and ability to move over certain terrains. We carry brands that offer very heavy models designed for long range outdoor use, while also carrying brands that are designed to fly with you in your carry-on on an airplane. Modern electric mobility scooters are some of the most versatile types of scooters on the market today, which is great for seniors who need something that is just right for them. Let’s look at some of the most sought after traits of a scooter and some of our top picks.

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After helping hundreds of seniors over the years choose their favorite electric mobility scooter, portability is one of the most desired qualities. We carry brands such as Zip’r, Tzora and Smartscoot, which all specialize in manufacturing some of the lightest and easiest to transport scooters around.

All of the Tzora models, including the Tzora Titan Hummer, Tzora Titan Classic, Tzora Titan Lite and Tzora Titan Elite are designed to be broken down into small and easy to carry pieces for simple and efficient transport in the back of a car. Each of the scooters breaks down in minutes and is a breeze to put back together, even for seniors with back pains or similar considerations.

Zip’r makes very portable scooters as well, most coming in at around 100 lbs, they are just sturdy enough to be as safe as can be, while allowing for two people to pick it up for transport. The Zip’r scooters are also very compact and size efficient, making them very easy to manuever around smaller environments.

Smartscoot is the leader in lightweight and portable scooters, making their portable scooters weigh in at under 40 lbs fully assembled. They are durable, disassemblable and by far the lightest electric mobility scooters on the market today. Smartscoot has travel in mind as well with these scooters as they can be taken on most airlines with their smaller battery pack capacity passing TSA security. The lightest part of the SmartScoot is 5 pounds.

SmartScoot - Portable Travel Mobility Scooter Foldable and Lightweight
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It’s no secret that range is on many senior’s lists when it comes to their ideal scooter. EWheels is the leader in longer range outdoor and indoor scooters as they are usually larger than a usual mobility scooter which allows for a more sizable battery pack onboard the unit. Many of EWheel’s scooters can travel over 40 miles with ease on a single charge, which is plenty to get you where you need to go all day long.

Afikim also has great range on their scooters, with the majority of their models offering over 30 miles of range on a single charge.

EWheels EW-10 Electric Mobility Scooter


Our most comfortable products we carry are more often than not, the larger mobility scooters as they have more suspension, larger seats and more range to give you that peace of mind you need to get where you're going.

If you’re looking to spend more time outside, the EWheels EW-75 and EWheels EW-66 are great options that offer large and stable frames and wheels, huge seats and top of the line luxury for an electric scooter for seniors.

If you’re in the market for a mobility scooter than can be used indoors and outdoors, the Zip’r Breeze is one of our most comfortable models. It offers a plush seat, great range and Zip’r excellent build quality and design.

EWheels EW-75 Electric Mobility Scooter
EWheels EW-75 Found Here
EWheels EW-66 Electric Mobility Scooter
EWheels EW-66 Found Here

Our Favorite Electric Mobility Scooter Brands For Seniors

EWheels Electric Scooters

As we’ve mentioned, EWheels has been one of our best sellers over the years and consistently makes attractive and quality electric mobility scooters for those who want an indoor / outdoor model that will last and cover longer distances with ease.

EWheels EW-66 Electric Mobility Scooter

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Zip’r Electric Mobility Scooters

Zip’r electric scooters are generally more affordable and smaller scooters that don’t break the bank and fit indoors in almost all spaces. They are made in Washington State here in the U.S. and have been making our customers happy for years.

Zip'r Breeze 24V 250W 3-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter
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Afikim Electric Scooters

Afikim electric mobility scooters are designed for outdoor use only as they are the largest of the bunch. In doing so though, they offer excellent build quality that is made to last and roll over nearly any surface you can throw at them.

Afikim Afiscooter SE 3-Wheel 24V 1300W Electric Mobility Scooter
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There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right electric mobility scooter for seniors, but we hope that the products and insight offered above makes the decision a bit easier. Whether you’re searching for someone portable, long range, big or small, we are here at Olympic Breeze to help assist you in finding the perfect scooter for you.

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